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H.S. Jeshua Ministries, Inc. is a private non-profit organization that focuses on spiritual healing. The goal is to mentor victims through the process of looking at abuse issues that cause addictive behaviors and habits. The ultimate goal is to achieve freedom in Christ to live the hope and freedom He has for us.

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Operation Guardian Angel.

If you listen carefully you will hear the rustle of Angel Wings behind you, they’re yours. You can be a Guardian Angel for someone today and forever make a difference in their life by partnering with us in this life-changing cause with a monetary donation.  You can make a one-time or recurring monthly donation.  We are a Non-Profit Organization, so your donation is tax-deductible.  WE DO NOT take federal funding, we rely on private donations and foundation grants to support our cause. 

We trust in the Lord to provide all of our needs according to His plans.  You can choose how you want to apply your funds in one of two ways.  1)  You can support our ministry by helping us with our operations.  We DO NOT have any paid staff, we are all volunteers.  Our operation budget pays for our office rent and heat, or 2)  You can have your donation go directly into our Victims Compensation Fund to help victims of abuse and individuals coming out of prison in ways other partners cannot help.  We use these funds to help meet their needs while transitioning back into society until they can find a job and get on their feet.  You specify your choice upon donation. Our Partners will receive quarterly email updates sharing how your support is helping us make a difference in their lives.


Christmas Miracle “Again”

$1,300 raised so far for a vehicle!

December 13th – Dinner Event for Eddie and Darlene Brown.  Christ’s Love Vineyard Church 

Located 2nd & Benton, behind Albertsons.

Be a Guardian Angel and join us for great food, Catered by Nel’s Bi-Lo Market, silent auction and great fun! 

Contact Merriann 208-220-3113 for tickets – $10 ea.

We have set out to get a wheelchair accessible vehicle for Eddie and Darlene.  She currently has to pick the wheelchair up to put it in and take it out of the car.  We want  to help make their lives a little easier.  Eddie works two days per week at The Good Will, where he was nominate Employee of the Region.

Eddie was involved in a tragic car accident in the 80s that almost took his life, they didn’t expect him to live.  Miraculously, he is here today.  He had a severe stroke a few years ago that landed him in the hospital for a couple of months.  That set them behind financially to the point of almost losing their home in December due to $5,000 in back taxes.  We launched “The Christmas Miracle” and raised enough money to save their home, pay on some bills and do some much needed repairs in their home.  Now we want to meet this need to make their lives a little easier by helping get them a new wheelchair accessible vehicle.  Now you too can help us make a difference in their lives.  Click the Donate button below to become a “Guardian Angel” for this couple and be a part of this life changing cause.

Click on the “About Us” Tab to the left – go to “Past Projects” to see how we helped Mike Vanderkooi get a new van.  It really was a miracle!

We thank you Jesus for your faithfulness as you lead us in the ways we should go! 

– Psalm 37:4-5 NKJV – Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart. 

Commit your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass.   

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Operation Guardian Angel – Sets out to raise funds and awareness to purchase Land!

Our goal is to help victims of abuse and individuals coming out of prison live successful and productive lives by transitioning them back in to society in long-term clean, safe, sober housing facilities.  We will offer prayer, support and unconditional love, along with workshops and educational programs, mentoring and counseling.  We will coordinate with our community whenever possible to utilize the amazing resources we already have.

We are needing to purchase land outside of the City Limits.  Operation Guardian Angel has set out, in Phase I, to raise $100,000 to make this possible.  We have had 3 building donated to our cause.  As soon as we get the land, the buildings will be dropped on the land to construct.  We need contractors and supporters of all types to help make this possible.  We have an amazing community and are very grateful of the support we have always received.

We are excited to watch our community come together to help make this possible.  You can help by keeping us in prayer, financial contributions or offering support in other areas as we move forward.  “Contact Us” to share your ideas, or hit the “Donate” button to become a Guardian Angel.

God bless you and thank you for your support to this life changing cause.